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What we do

Company RS METALI d.d., in two plants Samobormetal – Sveta Nedelja and Rapid – Virovitica, produces wide range of single and serial castings in completed technological process from drawing to semifinished or finished, machined product. Castings weigh from 0,10 kg up to 350 kg.

1. Production of castings according to kind and qualitiy of material:

2. Production of patterns and tools

In two well equiped pattern shops we produce patterns and tools for single, smallserial and serial production of castings.

For pattern production we use wood, for single castings, and for serial production,plastic combined with metal plates and tools for shalco production of cores.

According to the requirement, we create complete documentation for pattern production, as well as program for tools production on machines HURCO U-180 which are used primarily for production of tools and patterns.

We have program support for drawings in programs CATIA15 and ACAD.

Our aim is to produce patterns and samples within 7 days from delivery of drawings or samples.

3. Machining

We have machining possibilities in our own plant and we own machining park thanks to which we can offer machining of most castings according to requirements of our customs. All of our products are machined in our plant.

Within machining plant there is also varnish shop and check point for program of fittings and valves.

4. Our own production programme

All our products have certificates for material quality, chemical and mechanical characteristics and certificate from Croatian Register of Shipping.